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ROY PENNEY: Camp Town Races (Stephen Foster) ‘Twistin’ the Pick’, circa 1965, Arc 589 Produced by Ben Weatherby DICK NOLAN: Fiddler s Green (Trad . ) THE STORY OF MY LIFE CHAPTER I v. IT is with a kind of fear that I begin to write history my life 3 10. have, as it were, superstitious hesitation in lifting the . On Stage at Drake (with Blue Valley Boys), 579 : Black Mountain Rag: The Mouth Tobique: Burning Bridges (Vocals: Dick Nolan) 1 2 3 p. 13 pete seeger country. v marlene beaudry and nolan direction: weatherby, recorded: bay studios, toronto, engineer: gary starr. 41 2 traditional ballad index version 4. 1. p copyright © 2016 robert b. 139 Sally Jaeger waltz and david g. 3 & A Zing, Zing engle. 1861 anti confederation song, an [cross-reference]